Aug 24, 2010

UNICON Proffers Apt Investment Services to Its Clients Worldwide

In these times, when the economy is recovering from a
crisis, folks are on the lookout for an apt Depository and Investment Services provider firm,
which will cater to their unique and personalized needs. Depository proffers a protected
and suitable method to embrace securities in contrast to holding securities in paper form.

In this context, the assistance of an apt investment consulting service provider proffers an
incorporated solitary proposal making sure a safe, well organized and timely depository
procedure. When it comes to the most appropriate financial services company in India,
undoubtedly UNICON is a name which stands out in the crowd. It is an investment solution
provider, which has come out as a one stop destination for all your financial related queries and

Since it conception in 2004 it has continually been proffering high quality financial solutions to
many clients worldwide. UNICON is a firm which extends resourceful services in the context
of Portfolio Management in India. It is headquartered in the national capital New Delhi and has
its corporate office in Mumbai with regional offices in Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Noida.

The one stop destination ‘UNICON’ has earned an unbeatable reputation in the financial industry
and is looking forward to escalating its esteem. The customer base of UNICON is over 200,000,
which tell tales all about the quality of work proffered by them. UNICON Group has a keen eye
for the complex financial requirements of its customers and caters equally to their short term and
long term fiscal needs through a wide ranging bunch of investment services. When it comes
to depository services, UNICON proffers excellent services such as se-materialization, re-
materialization, transfer, IPO and apt corporate actions.

“We at UNICON are always dedicated and devoted to proffer you with nothing less than
the very best in financial solutions and investment services at the most reasonable prices.
Our mission at UNICON is to create long term value by empowering individual investors
through superior financial services supported by culture based on highest level of teamwork,
efficiency and integrity. We have always envisioned to provide the most useful and ethical
Investment Solutions - guided by values driven approach to growth, client service and employee
development. Our services range from offline & online trading in equity, commodities and
currency derivatives to debt markets to corporate finance and portfolio management in
India.” Says (Name), an UNICON spokesperson.

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