Aug 28, 2010

Unicon Offers All-Important Information on How to Become Sub Broker

Stock investment has gained momentum in recent
years due to growing awareness among people about the potentiality of this investment
option. Cashing in on this opportunity, many stock broking companies have already setup
their offices to cater to the needs of the mounting stock investors. A lot of others are in
the pipeline. However, most investors, particularly novice ones, opt for stock brokers
with proven track record like Unicon Investment Solutions. With years of experience in
stock broking, investment banking and portfolio management, the Company is offering
world-class investment solutions to its esteemed investor community. It is also imparting
knowledge on how to become sub broker for the benefit of aspirants who seek to take it
up as a career option.

Starting its operations in 2004, Unicon has been employing sophisticated technology
to reach out to each and every investor in the financial markets like NSE, BSE, and
other derivative markets and making stock broking services highly affordable for a
common man. Its 4500 employees and 900 business offices spanning across 235 cities
in India speak volumes of its managerial acumen and progress. There are many expert
brokers and sub brokers in its wings who are helping investors to multiply their ROI.

Before answering the question ‘how to become sub broker,’ let’s first know who is a
sub broker. A sub broker is an agent of the member broker and is permitted to release
confirmation memorandums to his clients for their dealings executed by him through the
chief member broker to whom he is affiliated. An individual, a company or a partnership
firm can become a sub broker. The minimum age limit for individuals or partners/
directors of companies/firms will be 21. Similarly, all the aspiring persons should be
matriculates or have 10 + 2 years qualification at the least. They should not be declared
insolvent or bankrupt. Sub brokers should have at least 2 years of experience in the role a
partner or certified clerk or apprentice with a member broker of the Exchange or in other
related fields in capital market.

Once a sub-broker obtains certificate of registration from Securities and Exchange Board
of India (SEBI), he can commence business as a sub broker. Individuals who want
to know how to become a sub broker should take the help of Unicon as its member
brokers can guide you through the whole process. Sub brokers generally earn handsome
amounts through brokerage or commission.

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