Aug 18, 2010

investment banks are there to finance government and corporations

With the initiation of sophisticated technology and the internet world, the entire meaning of
business has gone under severe change for surviving in the competitive world. In this period the
web offers enormous opportunity to business houses of all size for developing and expanding
their present infrastructure to vast facet. The investors all over the world know how to employ
their selves in online share trading from each corner of the world by internet.

Companies frequently trade their shares to collect investment for their business houses. The
investor who purchases the shares of a company becomes the co-owner of that company and
is entitled to get dividend that is distributed between all the share holders or co owners of the
company. Companies offer different shares like Ordinary shares, Preference shares, Cumulative
preference shares and Redeemable shares. The investors who want to make a online share
portfolio opt to invest the stocks and shares owned by them in either Mini or Maxi ISA and
they also have to follow the different rules There are rules as related with investing stocks and
shares in either Maxi or Mini ISA So all interested investors of making online share portfolio can
register with any site of your choice, and I should say that all these services are free.

On the other hand Investment Banking is a financial organization that provides financial help to
corporate houses and government in raising funds through underwriting and performing as the
active agent in issuing securities. Investment banks also assist the company involved in merger
and acquisition. It also provides additional services to its customers like trading and market
making for the derivatives, commodity, foreign exchange, equity securities and fixed income

Investment banks don’t take deposits like the retail banks and commercial banks. They only deal
in investment banking services in a country or in different countries also. A consultant who is
associated with investment banking has be a approved broker-dealer who can give investment
banking services to its clients. This consultant is bound to be related with the banks that both buy
and sell investment instruments and the Securities Exchange Commission regulation.

Investment banks have to research about the companies and analyze the buy-sell
recommendation regarding these companies' financial position. These investment banks may be
involved with Investment management, Global transactions, Commercial banking and Merchant

International investment banking is nowadays a extremely big industry with new gains that is
nearly 22% in a year. During the recession the developing countries like India and china came as
new big economies of the world with good growth.

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Investment banks are a scam.