Aug 10, 2010

Portfolio Management in India is Becoming a Multifaceted Player

The commoditization of products and increasing global regulation has intended all
professionals and business leaders in the investment services industry to invest in
the right technologies to sustain growth, preserve margins and support observances.
Staffed by top industry analysts with their research on investment services,
Portfolio Management in India provides the vital insights to expand competitive
knowledgeableness. Advices from professionals with years of actual daily trading
experience benefit in a multi-dimensional way to achieve the financial goals that a person
visualizes for himself, his friends and his family. Their experience, research, judgment,
and skill to improve the financial aspects expose a basket full of physical commodity
financial markets. They can perform with passion and innovation in investment services.

The instability of inflation rate and lack of systematic analysis can be a risky factor with
respect to the investment owner as there is no control over loss of money. Investment
services involve different financial instruments such as pension fund, mutual fund, equity
and share, investment on property, commodity, stock, and bond, financial derivatives,
having a certain level of risk and giving returns in the long run.

The modern economic technology and trend has spawned depository body, that holds
securities (like shares, bonds, government securities, mutual fund etc.) in electronic
form on behalf of investors through a registered depository participant. A Depository
Participant (DP) is an agent of the depository through which it edges with the investor
and makes available investment services. Any Public financial institutions, nationalized
banks, foreign private banks functioning in India with the approval of the Reserve Bank
of India, state financial corporations, stock-brokers, clearing houses and NBFCs can be
registered as DP. As we get banking services through a branch like wise we can avail
depository services through a Depository Participant (DP). It is compulsory for every
investor to open a beneficial owner (BO) account to trade in the capital market in view of
the convenience of trading in dematerialised mode.

Depository is a safe and convenient place to hold securities that facilitates immediate
transfer without stamp duty and no paper work resulting reduction in transaction cost.
Every investor benefits from the investment planning given by portfolio management
to carry out transactions easily and also to utilize the depository service to settle them.
They aim to provide world class investing experience to investor community with their
sophisticated technology and methods that calculates an exact figure of future expectation
and goals. Their online trading tricks help the investors to invest confidently though
prevailing with high risk in capital markets.