Sep 22, 2010

Types of investments you need to know about!

Every person wants to be financial independent hence for that he takes every
possible step to attain his goal. Some of these persons invest in different fields to
obtain high return. There are various kinds of investments available in the current
market. You can breakthrough short term investments, long term investments
and so on. Hence the investors find it very difficult to choose the right one for
them. They can not choose any types of investments as it involves the levels of
risk, profit margin, loss factor etc. Hence these mentioned factors make every
type of investments i.e. either long term or short term investments different from
each other. The word short term investment is enough for showing its details. The
short term investments are made for high returns but the short term investment
stand only for limited period of time. On the other hand the long term investments
are made for long term returns but the amount of the returns is much smaller
compared to that of short term investments. The short term investments have
the good fact that they have the much potential of high returns of profit but the
other side of the coin signifies that the short term investments carry much more
risks compared to the long term investments hence the chances of loss are also
much more in case of short term investments. Most suitable examples of the short
term investments are the stocks and bonds, in which every good and fox minded
investor should know about the precise timing of investments. Hence in short term
investments a small investor can become a millionaire in some matters of seconds.
On contrary a single mistake can make a big investor to lose every single penny of
his budget.
The high probabilities of fluctuations in profit and loss do not happen in case of long
term investments. The long term investments carry a good rate of profit, in a steady
manner. Although the returns are not big compared to short term investments ,the
risk factor also becomes much more lower in case of long term investments hence
making a good flow of profit in slow and steady rate. The long term investments
do not give you complete control on them i.e. if the person sales the stocks or bonds
earlier there might be some penalties or charges applied by them. The penalty
factors vary among various companies. The penalty factor does not make the long
term investments much worse because the chances of risks are much smaller hence
no body likes to get the penalty without any useful reason. Many times the investors
gets the money or returns only after the maturity of the investments but the return
after the complete maturity resembles much more that of short term investments
hence the long term investments are much preferable. In summary every type of
investment has some pros and cons, hence while choosing the right type make sure
you have the much knowledge about positive as well as negative factors.
Another way for achieving the financial freedom is done by monetizing the wealth.
Today people monetize their wealth in order to make their money rolled up and get
increased in amount. This monetization of wealth is known as wealth management.
The wealth management is one of the intelligent and secured ways of investing.
There are lots of stock brokers as well as wealth management institutions who
provide wealth management services for different organizations as well as
individual investors. These institutions make the suggestions and assist every
individual to invest in right field for getting good returns.


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