Sep 1, 2010

Portfolio Management in India Presents a Holistic view of the Overall Earning Device

Economic liberalization and rapid changes in the global economic scenario bring
forth a unique management instrument. The entry of private and foreign financial
companies and abolition of CCI has given rise to competition and market orientation
in the capital markets. Due to increase in the number of high net worth investors, the
role of an investment consultant who can skillfully understand economic and corporate
developments in accordance with the goal of the investor is likely to become fully grown.
Apart from this, the emergence of internet trading has significantly changed existing
portfolio management models.

Portfolio Management in India is direct to impart a strong theoretical underpinning
in investment services and portfolio management. It guides individual to be capable of
investing funds in financial industry operating in a globalized environment. Portfolio
Management focuses on capital fortification and a constant return. The jeopardized
strategic investments should always be poised with more conventional investments.
While carrying out investment, various investment mixes must be scrutinized to avoid
unwanted economic loss and maximize value of investments. The recent development
is such that more people have been inclined towards investment in mutual funds and
equities. But the middle class people in India have not been aware of such investment.
They think it as a gamble full of risks and so invest their money in fixed deposits,
securities held in depository accounts and other savings accounts, though they yield
very low. They require adequate knowledge of how to minimize this risk while yielding
high return. Once they have this information, they can easily decide what they need to
do in order to achieve their goal. This can be done more easily by consulting a financial

Portfolio management India has offered people with corers rather than lakhs or
thousands to invest which has crossed the line of Rs. 25,000 corer in assets. It has been
possible only because of the portfolio management programmes and it is understandable
that the success of any business entity depends on the process of delivering value and
satisfaction to the end customers. In the investment services, the portfolio management
has categorically reduced the number of superfluous investments and makes it easier to
be left with more money in your pockets. An effective and result oriented management
service can trim down overall expenditures by 20 percent; this strategy can surely aid the
middle class people to become more risk friendly in India and abroad. Broadly speaking,
portfolio management system has established that none of the investment services are
sustaining loss as before.

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Portfilio management is very important.